Training is a very important part of the whole treatment process. The quality and on going training available to our Therapists and Parents allow clients to achieve infinite possibilities. Our BCBA has trained more than 50 therapists in UAE since June 2015. Clients travel internationally all the way to Dubai to attend these trainings.

RBT Training

Each RBT must obtain ongoing supervision for a minimum of 5% of the hours spent providing applied behavior-analytic services per month. Supervision must include at least 2 face-to-face, synchronous contacts per month, during one of which the supervisor observes the RBT providing services (this may be conducted via the internet). At least 1 of the 2 supervisory contacts must be one-on-one, but the other can occur in a small-group meeting. Our BCBA will be providing supervision to RBT’s on a regular basis

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