Training is a very important part of the whole treatment process. The quality and on going training available to our Therapists and Parents allow clients to achieve infinite possibilities. Our BCBA has trained more than 50 therapists in UAE since June 2015. Clients travel internationally all the way to Dubai to attend these trainings.

Basic ABA trainings

Basic ABA training comprises of going through the basic principles of ABA. This Training will educate professionals who want to pursue their RBT license or need to learn about ABA. This class will include training in the basic terminologies and concepts of ABA. This course is the basic course that will also lead to the RBT training. The ABA training will cover topics as:

  1. Behavior Modification Training

  2. Discrete Trial Training

  3. Incidental Teaching Training

  4. Modifying Curriculum for children with developmental disabilities/IEP Planing
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