ABA Therapy We follow two core approaches to ABA therapy: a comprehensive approach and a focused approach. We will select the approach most appropriate for the needs of your child and your goals as a family.

Comprehensive ABA Therapy

The goal of comprehensive ABA therapy is to bring your child's functioning to levels typical for his or her chronological age or to maximize independence in multiple skill areas. This approach is intensive, typically with 26 to 40 hours per week of direct treatment, depending on your child's age and needs. Comprehensive ABA therapy generally teaches the following:

  • Cognitive functioning

  • Pre-academic skills

  • Safety skills

  • Social skills

  • Play and leisure skills

  • Community integration

  • Vocational skills

  • Adaptive and self-help skills

  • Language and communication

Focused ABA Therapy

The goal of focused ABA therapy is to address a limited number of areas of targeted behaviors, such as reducing dangerous behavior or improving social skills. Focused therapy can range from 5 to 25 hours per week of direct therapy. Focused therapy is sometimes part of a step-down or discharge plan from a comprehensive ABA treatment program. Focused therapy can also be appropriate for children who are reaching most age-appropriate milestones but need help in one or two areas.

  • Daily living skills, such as toileting, dressing and feeding.


  • Social skills, such as initiating conversations, responding to peer questions and playing with peers.


  • Academic remediation.


  • Leisure skills.
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